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Wyoming Bill of Sale Forms (4)

Wyoming bill of sale forms record the transfer of ownership of personal property from a seller to a buyer. A bill of sale should identify the parties involved, describe the item being sold, and record the terms of the transaction (e.g. purchase price, warranties, etc.). The buyer must keep a copy of the bill of sale to register a purchased vehicle.

Wyoming Lease Agreement Templates (6)

A Wyoming lease agreement is a legal document between a landlord and tenant used for the renting of property. The tenant is responsible for paying rent and maintaining the premises, while the landlord is obligated to make any necessary repairs during the lease term. Once the lease is signed, it is legally binding on both parties.

Wyoming Power of Attorney Forms (9 Types)

Wyoming power of attorney forms can be used by individuals seeking to be represented by someone of their choice for their financial or medical affairs. The person giving power ("principal") has the choice to select any person ("agent") they want to handle their affairs. If the form is "durable", then the form will remain valid...

Wyoming Transfer on Death Deed

A Wyoming transfer on death deed is used to arrange a transfer of real property to a designated beneficiary effective upon the owner's death. It allows the owner and beneficiary to avoid the probate process, which can be complicated and costly. Once recorded,  it can be revoked anytime while the owner is still alive.

Wyoming Land Contract Template

A Wyoming land contract is a purchase and sale agreement in which two parties record the transfer of ownership of vacant land. Terms included in the agreement range from the agreed-upon purchase price to identifying details about each party and the legal description of the property.

Wyoming Landlord Notice to Enter Form

A Wyoming notice to enter informs a tenant why and when their landlord needs access to their rental unit. Wyoming state law does not indicate that a notice to enter is required, but it is highly advisable for landlords to provide reasonable notice of the day and time they plan to enter in addition to...

Wyoming Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

A Wyoming commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement records the terms of a buyer's purchase commercial property from a seller. The agreement spells out the financial conditions of the sale including the purchase price, earnest money deposit, closing costs, and funding contingencies (e.g., whether a loan must first be obtained). If the seller accepts...

Wyoming Subcontractor Agreement

A Wyoming subcontractor agreement is a document that contractually binds a subcontractor to execute a task on behalf of a contractor. The subcontractor agreement establishes how the hired party will get paid, the job they've been hired for, the date by which it must be completed, and other important provisions.

Wyoming Self-Proving Affidavit Form

A Wyoming self-proving affidavit form is a sworn statement that is subscribed to by the testator and two witnesses of a last will and testament. The affidavit states that the testator executed their will freely and without undue influence, rendering it unnecessary for the witnesses to testify in court when the will goes to probate.

Wyoming Independent Contractor Agreement

A Wyoming independent contractor agreement dictates the terms and conditions of a project for a client and an independent contractor. The document typically covers compensation, liability insurance, expenses, confidentiality, federal and state taxes, and more.