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Delaware Subcontractor Agreement

A Delaware subcontractor agreement is a legally binding contract made between a subcontractor and the individual/company that hired them (contractor/project manager). Unlike the main contractor, subcontractors are brought onto a job to complete a specific portion of a project in which they specialize. A subcontractor agreement outlines the tasks the hiring party wishes the hired…

Delaware Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

A Delaware commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement defines the nature of a commercial real estate transaction between the parties involved (i.e., buyer and seller). Commercial property transactions are often complex, and it would be judicious for the parties to hire a broker and perhaps an attorney to help guide them through the process….

Delaware Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

The Delaware real estate agent listing agreement is a document completed when an agent agrees to represent a seller in a real estate transaction. The document indicates the seller’s desire to have their property listed for sale and eventually sold to a suitable buyer. Described in the agreement will be a beginning and expiration date within which…

Delaware Estate Planning Checklist

The Delaware estate planning checklist contains important information for those seeking to secure their personal interests in the event of death or medical emergencies. The party attempting to prepare their estate, referred to below as the “principal,” will have access to the Advanced Health Care Directive and Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney. These documents will protect the principal’s medical and…