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Kansas Estate Planning Checklist

The Kansas estate planning checklist can be used as a point of reference when planning for the future management of an individual’s estate and their end-of-life medical care. There are different options and multiple legal instruments that an individual should consider executing to prepare for the future. It is essential that individuals make a Last Will and Testament or Living…

Kansas Prenuptial Agreement – Laws

A Kansas prenuptial agreement is a contract, signed prior to marriage, that enables two potential spouses to clarify each party’s rights and obligations with regard to shared and independently owned property. The agreement relays the extent to which each individual can control the assets and property relayed therein, and it provides a blueprint for how the…

Kansas Property Management Agreement | Commercial & Residential

The Kansas property management agreement offers an individual or business the ability to perform real estate activities on behalf of a property owner. The manager will receive authorization from the owner to handle tasks as rudimentary as fixing appliances and lawn care to more significant responsibilities like marketing real estate and evicting tenants. Whatever the reason may…

Kansas Corporate Bylaws Template

Kansas corporate bylaws  Required in Kansas?  () Laws Annual Meetings – Corporate Bylaws – Issuance of Stock – Emergency Bylaws . ()