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North Dakota Partnership Agreement

A North Dakota partnership agreement is a document that defines the management structure of a partnership. It ordinarily sets forth dispute resolution, ownership interests, duration, dissolution, and liabilities. The agreement has to be as comprehensive as possible in order to avoid future conflicts. Partnership Types General Partnerships (GP) – Title 45, Chapters 13-21 Limited Partnership…

North Dakota Postnuptial Agreement

A North Dakota postnuptial agreement is a contract between married persons to establish a plan for distributing their assets should their marriage end in divorce or death. In North Dakota, this type of agreement is typically called a marital agreement. Unlike premarital agreements, which married couples sign before marriage, couples sign a postnuptial agreement after marriage….

North Dakota Separation Agreement Template

A North Dakota separation agreement is a contract that married couples can use when they no longer wish to live together as spouses but, unlike divorce, does not terminate the marriage. Couples can draft a document to cover topics like alimony, division of marital property, and child custody arrangements. Separation agreements can cover the period…