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Nebraska Independent Contractor Agreement

The Nebraska independent contractor agreement can be used by clients in order to draft a written contract for an individual or business who has been hired to complete a project or provide a service. An independent contractor must operate independently outside of the client’s normal business activity, otherwise the State considers them an employee and…

Nebraska Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Nebraska residential real estate purchase and sale agreements are used to provide the terms of a potential buyer’s offer to purchase a piece of real estate. In the body of the document, the buyer will provide the monetary amount that they are offering, how they plan on paying if the offer is accepted, and the offer’s…

Nebraska Subcontractor Agreement

The Nebraska subcontractor agreement is a legal form that enables a contractor to hire a subcontractor and outsource a portion of their work to them. The document establishes the identities of both parties and sets forth regulations determining how the subcontractor’s job will be managed. Defined in the document will be the subcontractor’s work duties, legal obligations,…

Nebraska Estate Planning Checklist

The Nebraska estate planning checklist is a form that may be a beneficial organizational tool for those working on their estate plan. An estate plan is a procedure involving a collection of legal instruments and forms that provide instructions to a person’s agents, representatives, family members, and other involved parties regarding that individual’s personal affairs….