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Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter | Sample

A mortgage pre-approval letter is a certification by a financial institution that states that a borrower has been guaranteed approval for a loan. This is common when a buyer of real estate is looking to make an offer and to prove they can close on the property. In addition, most sellers will require that a...

Financial Hardship Letters – Samples

A financial hardship letter is written by an individual to request temporary relief from an obligation due to extreme financial circumstances. Commonly used after a job loss, illness, death, or other unforeseen event, this letter explains to a lender why the individual can no longer make regular payments on a mortgage, loan, rent, or any...

Estate Planning Checklist

An estate planning checklist is a guide on how to plan an individual's assets and end-of-life health care if they should die or become incapacitated. By following the checklist, an individual can get an idea of the estate laws in their State and choose which forms suit their personal financial situation and health needs best.

Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

A listing agreement is a contract between a property owner and a listing real estate agent hired to sell the residential property in exchange for a percentage of the sales price. The commission is typically paid at the time of closing.

Proof of Residency Letter (Affidavit of Residence)

A proof of residency letter is an acknowledgment or sworn statement that states an individual resides at a specific address. It is commonly required by government agencies and financial institutions to authenticate an individual's address. Notarization It may be required to have a proof of residency letter notarized if there is no supplemental evidence showing a...

Purchase and Sale Agreement

A purchase and sale agreement is a contract between a buyer and seller for transacting a property in exchange for a specific price. After it is signed, an earnest money deposit is paid by the buyer and is non-refundable if their contingencies are met.

Employment Contract Templates (6)

An employment contract is between an employer and the employee being hired to perform a service in exchange for payment. An employee's pay, benefits, and other employment terms are negotiated during hiring. After hiring, workers are commonly considered "W-2 employees" and have their payroll taxes withheld from compensation.

Job Offer Letter Templates (3)

A job offer letter is an offer of employment that includes pay, work schedule, and responsibilities. An offer letter is considered non-binding until accepted by the employee and an employment contract is signed. By Type (3) Employment Offer Letter - To make an offer to hire a standard employee. Download: PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument    ...

Demand Letter Templates (22) - with Samples

A demand letter for payment is a request for money owed that is commonly the last notice given by the creditor. The party owed should include language that motivates the debtor to make payment. Examples include giving a discount if the debtor decides to pay or threatening to send the debt to collections. Small Claims Limits...

Letter of Intent (LOI) Templates (14)

Or use ContractsCounsel to hire an attorney! A letter of intent (LOI) is used to declare a person or party's intent to commit to a certain act. In a business setting, an LOI outlines the preliminary terms of an agreement and typically includes a requirement that a formal contract must be written within a specified...