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Rhode Island Non-Solicitation Agreement

A Rhode Island non-solicitation agreement is a contract between an employer and an employee that restricts an employee from soliciting business using connections or information gained during the period of employment with the company. The agreement seeks to protect the employer’s investment in building a business.  Legally Enforceable in Rhode Island? Some non-solicitation agreements are…

Rhode Island Partnership Agreement

A Rhode Island partnership agreement is a record that describes the management structure of a partnership. It typically settles duration, dissolution, ownership interests, dispute resolution, and liabilities. The contract needs to be very comprehensive for the sake of avoiding future disagreements and confusion. Partnership Types General Partnerships (GP) – Title 7, Chapter 7-12 (§§ 1-60)…

Rhode Island Postnuptial Agreement

A Rhode Island postnuptial agreement is a contract between spouses that sets rules for distributing their assets if the marriage ends in divorce or death. Like prenuptial agreements or prenups, postnuptial agreements are tools that couples can use to protect and plan their estates because they traditionally take precedence over the state’s default rules for property distribution….