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South Dakota Partnership Agreement

A South Dakota partnership agreement is a contract that lays out how a business operates under two or more parties. It normally details duration, ownership interests, liabilities, dispute resolution, and dissolution. The content must be thorough to limit future confusion. Partnership Types General Partnerships (GP) – § 48-7A-901 – § 48-7A-903, § 48-7A-906 Limited Partnership…

South Dakota Postnuptial Agreement

A South Dakota postnuptial agreement is a legal document used by married couples to determine how their assets will be divided if the marriage ends in divorce or death. Like prenuptial agreements or “prenups,” postnuptial agreements are precious in divorce cases when judges usually have expansive power to divide a couple’s assets; if a postnuptial or…

South Dakota Separation Agreement

A South Dakota separation agreement enables married couples to set binding rules for a period when they are no longer living together but not yet divorced. Separation agreements can address many of the same issues handled in a divorce, such as spousal support and child custody, but do not obligate the couple to end their marriage….