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West Virginia Estate Planning Checklist

The West Virginia estate planning checklist is a tool that a West Virginia resident can use to prepare their estate for distribution following their passing. When securing one’s estate, it is wise to first ensure that one’s finances and healthcare are in good hands should the loss of decisional capacity occur. The documents necessary for the assignment of attorneys-in-fact…

West Virginia Prenuptial Agreement – Laws

A West Virginia prenuptial agreement, or antenuptial agreement, is an agreement made between two parties before marriage that determines property rights, obligations, and the possible distribution thereof after divorce or death. This contract allows the couple to define what property they will keep to themselves and what will be divided equally should they get divorced….

West Virginia Property Management Agreement | Commercial & Residential

A West Virginia property management agreement is a document that outlines the obligations and responsibilities of a property manager hired by an owner of real estate. This agreement lists the duties and tasks that are to be performed by the property manager as well as the length of the arrangement, termination options, owner’s rights and…