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Tennessee Power of Attorney Forms (9 Types)

Tennessee power of attorney forms allow a person to choose a representative to substitute for them and act in their place for many types of situations. The person giving power (“principal”) can choose the specific rights to hand over to their representative (“agent”) ranging from medical decision-making to the handling of their financial affairs. The…

Tennessee Bill of Sale Forms (4)

A Tennessee bill of sale records the exchange of property between a buyer and seller for personal property. It is a simple document that includes the parties, the purchase price or trade, and a brief description of the item being sold. The transaction and the signing of the bill of sale should occur at the…

Tennessee Lease Agreement Templates (8)

A Tennessee lease agreement is a written contract between a landlord and a tenant willing to make monthly payments for the renting of property. The landlord will usually require the tenant’s personal information and consent to run a credit check prior to signing a lease. Once signed, the document is legally binding to both parties….

Tennessee Eviction Notice Forms (5)

A Tennessee eviction notice is given by a landlord to a tenant to provide notice of a lease violation. The landlord is required to describe the offense and enter the time period the tenant must comply with the demands. If the tenant resolves the matter, the lease will continue as if the issue never occurred….

Tennessee Medical Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee medical power of attorney form allows a principal to choose an attorney-in-fact to make health care decisions on their behalf. The principal also can choose to accept or forbid assistance to eat or drink. The attorney-in-fact can also be given powers to give treatment to keep the principal comfortable and out of pain….

Tennessee Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a document that will allow a principal to assign an agent to care for their real property and/or any transactions pertaining to the real estate. This document is used when the principal will be unable to be present to handle their own business due to absence…

Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form is used to delegate principal power to an attorney-in-fact if that principal wishes to restrain the agent’s ability to represent them to one or two specific matters and/or a predetermined period of time. An appointment of this nature will focus more on the completion of a specific principal…

Tennessee General (Financial) Power of Attorney

A Tennessee General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form can be used to appoint a friend, relative, or appropriately qualified professional as an attorney-in-fact you allow to handle your finance and property matters. It is worth noting that if you plan on putting such an appointment into effect, you must first consider carefully your choice of agent….

Tennessee Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form is a limited legal document utilized by the parent(s) or guardian(s) only to be used upon an event that is specified: for example, an extended hospital stay, serious illness, temporary loss of employment, etc. Unlike most states, this document will not necessarily allow educational enrollment and may…

Tennessee Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is used when you already have an existing power of attorney (POA), but you wish to cancel or terminate it. The most important thing about terminating a pre-existing POA is to make sure all the relevant people are aware that you have terminated it, including your agent,…