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Main Categories

Bill of Sale

Allow for the purchase and sale of personal property.

Cease and Desist

Sent to immediately stop an activity. Last correspondence before a lawsuit.

Consent Forms

Gives permission to another party to conduct a specific activity.

Credit Card (ACH) Authorization Forms

Receive permission to charge a 3rd party credit card

Debt Letters

Used by creditors and debtors to collect, verify, dispute, and settle debts in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Form used to transfer ownership of real estate. Filed with the Registry of Deeds or equivalent office.

Demand Letter for Payment

Used to request payment for an outstanding debt.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

To authorize an employer to perform ACH deposits into an individual’s bank account.

Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNRO)

A declaration that withholds life-saving treatment options for an individual with a terminal or incurable condition.

Employee Forms

Used primarily as internal documents within a business’s human resources department.

Employment Contracts

Establish a long-term or at-will working relationship with payment details.

Estate Planning Checklist

Primarily for seniors to establish their end of life health care treatment options and to make known where an individual would like their assets to go after their passing.

Eviction Notice

Otherwise known as a ‘notice to quit’, legally notifies a tenant they’re in violation of the lease and eviction proceedings will proceed if the breach is not cured.

Independent Contractor Agreements

A legal contract between a client and a ‘1099’ contractor to outline pay and the scope of work.

Invoice Templates

Collect an outstanding balance due.

Last Will and Testament

Commonly known as a ‘Will’, allows an individual to list where their assets will go after their death.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Required to be attached to any lease or purchase agreement if the property was built prior to 1978.

Letter of Recommendation

A written endorsement of another individual for a job, position, admission, or immigration purposes.

Living Will (Advance Directive)

Often referred to as an ‘Advance Directive’, allows an individual to establish their end-of-life treatment options as well as select a surrogate that to make health care decisions on their behalf (within a medical power of attorney).

LLC Operating Agreement

Details the ownership, day-to-day operations and management of a company.

Loan Agreements

Lists the terms when money is borrowed with the intention of being paid back.

Name Change Forms

To change your name for after marriage, after divorce, or for private reasons.

Non-Compete Agreement

Does not allow an employee, independent contractor, or an associate to work in the same or related industry.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Notary Acknowledgement

Attached to a legal document to verify that an individual authorized by proving legal identification in front of the notary public.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

Required to be attached to a vehicle bill of sale per federal law.

Power of Attorney

Allows an individual to act in their place for financial, medical, guardianship, or other related acts.

Prior Authorization Forms

The prior authorization form is primarily used by medical offices to request a drug be approved by a patient’s insurance policy.

Promissory Note

A promise to pay another party after accepting borrowed money.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

For the purchase of real estate.

Release of Liability (Hold Harmless Agreements)

Releases another party from any financial or legal liability.

Rental Application

A form that is completed by a prospective tenant prior to the landlord authorizing a lease to view their credit, criminal, and employment history.

Rental Lease Agreements

The act of a landlord renting commercial or residential space to a tenant for payment.

Resignation Letters

A letter created by an employee, executive, or member of an organization to announce their dismissal.

Sign Up / Sign In Sheet

Used to take attendance for a meeting or event.

Small Estate Affidavits

For use by the spouse or heirs of someone who died with assets below the State minimum probate qualification amount. Typically someone that passed away without a last will and testament.

Subcontractor Agreements

Between a contractor that hires a subcontractor to complete a portion of a larger project.

Verification Form

Certifies the credentials to confirm the status of an individual.