Alabama Statutory (Special) Warranty Deed Form

The Alabama statutory warranty deed is a deed that provides limited warranty of title by the seller to the purchaser that the grantor (seller) has not encumbered the property in any way other than as disclosed and that his or her heirs and assigns may not claim any such encumbrance against the purchaser or the purchasers heirs and assigns. It is important that if the seller is married, that the spouse also signs his or her interest in the property. Such interest may be tenants by the entirety, joint owners, or such spouse may have a homestead interest. If there is no interest held by the spouse, that must also be indicated on the deed.

How to Write

Step 1 – In the first space, fill in the name and address of the grantor (seller) for the tax notice.

Step 2 – Then indicate the name and address of the preparer at the top corner.

Step 3 – In the next space, enter in the name of the county in which the property is located in Alabama.

Step 4 – Specify the amount for which the property is being purchased.

Step 5 – In the space provided, write in the name of the people selling the property including address (also called the grantors).

Step 6 – Indicate the names of the people purchasing the property.

Step 7 – Fill in the legal description of the property. This can usually be found on the previous deed.

Step 8  – The sellers and purchasers should sign and date in front of a notary public licensed in Alabama.

Step 9 – The grantor should provide the deed to the grantee, who will then have it recorded.