Colorado Special Warranty Deed Form

The Colorado special warranty deed is used to convey real estate in Colorado from a grantor to a grantee or seller to a buyer with a limited warranty as to title. A special warranty only warrants that the seller did not grant any interest in the property to another during the time that they held the property, but does not guarantee that there are no other claims from before the grantor acquired the property. In all cases of land transfer, it is important that the buyer has a clear idea as to what is recorded in the land records for the property to make sure there are no others who can claim an interest in the property. That is why it is important to complete a land records search for the property.

Laws – § 38-30-115

How to Write

Step 1 – Write in the name of the grantor(s) or seller(s) along with their current address at the top of the deed.

Step 2 – Check the box that indicates the marital status of the grantor(s).

Step 3 – Print the amount of money being paid for the property both in words and in numbers.

Step 4 – Insert the name of the grantee(s) or purchaser(s) next along with their current address and check the box indicating how they will be holding the property.

Step 5 – Enter the street address of the property being conveyed along with the recording information and the legal boundary description.

Step 6 – Fill in any restrictions or easements that run with the land.

Step 7 – On the next page, write in the recording information for the immediately preceding deed.

Step 8 – Sign and date in the presence of a notary public.

Step 9 – The original should be given to the grantee or purchaser for recording with the local county recorder and a copy should be kept by the grantor.