Georgia Limited Warranty Deed Form

The Georgia limited warranty deed provides a method of transferring property from one person to another in Georgia. Rather than providing a full warranty on the transfer, it provides a limited warranty whereby the seller (or grantor) agrees to defend the buyer (or grantee) against any claims made through the seller. This means that the seller is stating that he or she guarantees that he or she has not transferred any interest in the property while he or she has had the property, however, there is no guarantee as to transfers that may have occurred before the grantor had the property. A thorough search of land records should be completed before any transfer.

Law – Title 44, Chapter 5, Article 2 (Conveyances)

Recording – All deeds must be filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court.

Signing (Ga. Code Ann., § 44-2-14) – A notary public must be present along with subscribing two (2) witnesses. The Notary Public may account as one (1) of the witnesses.

How to Write

Step 1 – At the top of the document, fill in the name and address of the person to whom the recorded deed should go – usually to the buyer or buyer’s attorney.

Step 2 – Add the county in which the property is located.

Step 3 – Put in the date of the transfer.

Step 4 – Write in the name, county and state of the grantor.

Step 5 – Add the name, county and state of the grantee or buyer.

Step 6 – Include the amount paid for the property.

Step 7 – Print the legal description of the property which can be found on the previous deed. This is not the mailing address.

Step 8 – Sign and date in front of a notary and witness.

Step 9 – The grantee will take the original and have it filed with the superior court clerk in the county in which the land is located.