Iowa Special Warranty Deed Form

The Iowa special warranty deed is a legally binding document that if filled out properly and signed properly, transfers real estate from one person to another. Unlike a warranty deed, it does not provide a full guarantee of clear title to the property, however, it does provide a limited guarantee that the seller has not transferred an interest in the property to another while he or she owned the property. The grantor does not provide any guarantee as to what may have transpired with ownership prior to grantor taking possession. In order to provide peace of mind to the buyer, the buyer should make sure that a thorough title search s completed before purchasing the property.

How to Write

Step 1 – At the top of the page, write in the name and address of the grantor then check the appropriate box indicating the grantor’s marital status.

Step 2 –Write in the amount paid for the property.

Step 3 – In the next section, print the name of the grantee as well as the grantee’s address.

Step 4 – Next, indicate the manner in which the grantee intends to own the property.

Step 5 – The next section covers the description of the property begin sold including street address, legal description and recording information.

Step 6 – At the bottom of the first page indicate if there are any easements or restrictions.

Step 7 – Write in the book and page location of the deed for the previous transfer of the property.

Step 8 – Next, in the presence of a notary public, sign and date the deed.

Step 9– The grantee will file the document with the county recorder.