Kentucky Special Warranty Deed Form

The Kentucky special warranty deed is a legal document utilize to convey property from a grantor or seller to a grantee or the buyer. A special warranty allows for a limited warranty as to the cleanness of the title. That is to say, the seller warrants that the seller has not granted any other interest in the real estate to anyone else while he or she held the property, but the seller does not guarantee any claims that arise from transfers prior to his or her ownership. In order to ensure that the buyer is buying what he or she thinks he is buying, a thorough property search should be completed.

How to Write

Step 1 – First, fill in the name of the seller.

Step 2 – Print the seller’s address.

Step 3 – Indicate the seller’s marital status by checking the correct box.

Step 4 – Put in the amount paid for the property.

Step 5 – Include the name of the buyer as well as the buyer’s street address.

Step 6 – As indicated, place a check in the box indicating how the buyer intends to own the property.

Step 7 – Fill in a description of the property including street address and legal description. Then if there are any known easements or other interest, fill that in in the space indicated.

Step 8 – Specify the recording information for the immediately previous deed transferring the property to the grantor.

Step 9 – Execute the deed in the presence of a notary public.

Step 10 – Fill in the consideration certificate.

Step 11 – File both with the county clerk to be recorded.