Mississippi Special Warranty Deed Form

The Mississippi special warranty deed may be used to convey real property in the state of Mississippi. Like the warranty deed, this type comes with a guarantee from the seller or grantor that the property is free from hidden claims against the title, however, it only guarantees claims arising out of grantor’s ownership, nothing that comes out of previous owners of the property.  After the deed is completed properly and executed by the requisite parties, it must be recorded with the chancery court clerk in the judicial district in which the property is located.

Laws – § 89-1-33

How to Write

Step 1 – First, include the name and address of the preparer.

Step 2 – Then write in the name and address of the person receiving the document after the deed is recorded, usually the grantee or grantee’s attorney,

Step 3- In the space provided, put in the county and judicial district where the property is located.

Step 4 – Add the consideration paid for the property.

Step 5 – Write in the name and address of both the grantor(s) and grantee(s).

Step 6 – Check the box that tells how the grantee(s) intends to hold the property.

Step 7 – Again include the judicial district and county in which the property is located.

Step 8 – Make sure you attach the legal description as Exhibit A.

Step 9 – In the next space, write in the boundaries of the property.

Step 10 – Write in the easements and restrictions if any.

Step 11 – The grantor(s), grantee(s) and the notary should sign and acknowledge the deed as indicated.

Step 11 – File with the appropriate chancery court clerk.