Oklahoma Special Warranty Deed Form

The Oklahoma special warranty deed is a type of deed used by an owner of land and/or buildings in Oklahoma to sell to another. This type of deed has a warranty from the seller to the buyer, but unlike a general warranty deed, it is limited. The warranty only apples to conveyances or title issues that arise out of the grantor’s ownership of the property, but does not guarantee anything that may have happened under previous ownerships. As with all deeds, once this is properly completed and notarized, it must be filed with the registrar of deeds of the county where the property is located.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in the grantor’s name and address along with indicating whether or not the grantor is married.

Step 2 – Enter the consideration to be paid for the property.

Step 3 – Write in the grantee’s name and address and check the box showing how they intend to hold the property.

Step 4 – Include the following related to the property in the next section:

  • street address
  • legal description
  • recording information
  • easements or restrictions
  • previous deed information

Step 5 – Execute the document with a notary present and have the notary sign the acknowledgment.

Step 6 – Record the document with the county registrar of deeds.