Iowa Security Deposit Demand Letter

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Updated December 02, 2022

An Iowa security deposit demand letter is a written notice delivered to a landlord by a tenant who has not received their security deposit refund upon termination of a lease agreement. In accordance with State statutes, a landlord has thirty (30) days from the date the tenant leaves the property to either return the deposit in full or send a notice stating reasons for withholding the deposit or a portion thereof. Reasons for withholding the deposit could be past-due rent, repairs made to the dwelling, and other expenses incurred by the tenant. If the landlord does not make any effort to refund the deposit or deliver a written statement, they forfeit any right to withhold any portion of the deposit. After a demand letter has been sent by the tenant, the landlord must pay the deposit in full or risk paying twice the amount of the deposit to the tenant.

Laws§ 562A.12