60-Day Eviction Notice Template

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The sixty (60) day eviction notice, or ‘notice to quit’, is a form that is given to a tenant from a landlord most commonly when they have decided to terminate a month to month tenancy. This type of arrangement (usually known as a ‘tenancy at will’) is a mutual agreement between the landlord and tenant for the renting of property without an end date. The lease ends upon the time period stated in the rental agreement or by checking the State statutes. Once the notice has been given, to either the landlord or tenant, the time period begins and upon the end the tenant must move-out or face an eviction suit.

Notice By State

The following States use the sixty (60) day notice to quit for specific rental situations:

California – For a month to month tenancy that has been in existence for more than one (1) year.

Delaware – In accordance with Title 25 § 5106 for all tenancies at will. Both landlord and tenant must use for termination.

How to Write

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