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Colorado 10-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment & Non-Compliance

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The Colorado 10-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment & Non-Compliance), otherwise referred to as a written demand, is a real estate document used to serve a tenant in default of either not paying rent on time or some other violation of the lease. The tenant will have 10 days to either pay rent owed or move out. Serving this written demand is the landlord’s first step to regaining possession of their property.

It is important that the landlord keeps a copy of the written demand in the event that the tenant fails to comply with the written demand. A copy will be needed if the landlord files an eviction lawsuit in court. If the tenant complies and moves out within 10 days but fails to pay the unpaid rent, by law the landlord has the right to use the tenant’s security deposit towards the unpaid rent.

LawsHB 19-1118 (§ 13-40-104)

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – The Written Demand To Quit Is Downloadable From This Site

The template to issue a Tenant’s Notice TO Quit can be obtained by selecting the appropriate version you wish to work with using the buttons labeled with file formats on this page (“Adobe PDF,” “MS Word,” or “ODT”). Download the version most compatible with the environment in your machine then open it to enter information on-screen. Otherwise, your browser will open and print this file as a pdf.

2 – Directly Address This Notice To The Concerned Tenant

This notice will only function properly if it is addressed to the correct individuals. Fill in the name of each Tenant occupying the violated premises on the first blank space below the title of this paperwork.

3 – Record Basic Definitions To Solidify The Subject Matter And Demand

In addition to listing each Tenant this notice is aimed at, we will also need to document the concerned property. We shall handle this task in the statement beginning with the words “The Premises Herein Referred…” Begin by using the first three blank spaces to give a general location (“City,” “County,” and “Zip Code” for the premises currently occupied by the Tenants.

The last blank space in this statement shall require the physical “…Street Address Of” the property involved. This must be the address where one can visit the property to view it personally. Locate the second statement in this portion of the notice (starting with the phrase “In Accordance With Your Lease…”). Here, we must refer to the violated lease the Tenant(s) signed by date. Transcribe the calendar day, month, and year of the Tenant’s signature date on the blank lines in this sentence.

4 – The Tenant Violation Should Be Described And Documented

Only one of the next two segments of this notice requires attention while the other may be left blank.

If this document concerns the Tenant’s delinquency with rent payments then mark the checkbox attached to the statement “Pay To The Undersigned…” Additionally, you should be prepared to volunteer some information to supplement this statement. Produce the name of an individual designated as an agent authorized to receive the Tenant’s rent payment (should the Landlord be unavailable) on the first empty line, record the total dollar amount the Tenant owes after the words “…To The Sum Of,” then, report the amount of unpaid rent and indicate the time-period it applies to using the remainder of this sentence.If the Tenant(s) has violated this lease by his or her actions or treatment of the property, then mark the checkbox directly under the title “Lease Violation (Not Related To Rent).” Notice, that if you have selected this statement is to apply correctly, you must describe precisely how the Tenant has violated the lease on the blank space in this checkbox statement. Now, the Landlord will be called upon to deliver his or her signature to the “Landlord/Agent” line then relinquish this paperwork to the Delivery Agent. 

5 – This Document Is Not Complete Until It Has Been Properly Served

The final page of this notice, “Certificate Of Service” can only be completed by the individual who has ensured delivery of this paperwork to its intended Recipient. Only a few basic items will be necessary to satisfy this section, beginning with the calendar date this document was served to the Tenant(s). Record the components making up this date using the first three blank spaces after the words “I Certify…”

The Delivery Agent must complete this statement with the ful name of the imdividual who took control of the above paperwork by producing this Recipient’s name on the blank space just before the word “…By”Now the Delivery Agent should indicate how such a delivery was completed. A brief list of delivery methods have been supplied as checkbox statements. The Delivery Agent must choose one of these boxes to solidify this paperwork was delivered personally (first statement), delivered to a family/household member (second statement), or by first-class mail (third statement). Lastly, the Deliver Agent must sign his or her name to the “Signature” line.