Kentucky 15-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

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Updated June 20, 2022

A Kentucky 15-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) is a form used for landlord-tenant relations in the event the tenant breaches a term in the rental agreement that results in a material non-compliance. In such a case, upon delivery of notice to the tenant, the tenant will have 14 days after the receipt of notice to remedy the problem which should be done be repair or by payment of damages. If the breach goes unfixed by the 15th day after receipt of notice, the rental agreement shall terminate. Should the tenant adequately remedy the breach before the date stated in the notice, the rental agreement shall not terminate.

Say the same breach recurs within 6 months of the first breach, the landlord has the power and the option to terminate the rental agreement upon at least 14 days written notice detailing the breach and the date of termination.

Laws – § 383.660

How to Write

Step 1 – On the first two lines of the notice, enter the date and the full names of all the tenants residing on the rental agreement.

Step 2 – Enter the tenant’s address and the date of termination if the tenant fails to remedy the breach.

Step 3 – Give details of the breach and how the tenant can go about fixing the issue.

Step 4 – The landlord’s information including their signature, name, address, City, State, Zip Code and phone number

Step 5 – The landlord should use the Proof of Service form immediately after serving the tenant the notice to quit. The following checkboxes represent the way in which the tenant was served, mark the appropriate box. Lastly, enter the date and time the tenant was served and give your signature.