Florida Eviction Notice (Notice to Quit) Form

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The Violation

Note: If this is for the termination of a month-to-month lease agreement you will need to Use This Form.

Landlord's Name

Landlord's Mailing Address

This is NOT the Rental Property Address (unless the Landlord and Tenant live together).

Landlord's Contact Info

The Tenant(s)

Property Address


Lease Start Date

Non-Payment of Rent

This is the amount, including any late fees, that is due to the Landlord upon service of this notice.
In Florida, the tenant has 3 days to pay rent (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays).


Option to Cure – If the tenant violates the lease in such a way that is curable. Such as catching the tenant smoking on the property, playing loud music, etc. The tenant must provide notice to the landlord within 7 days that the violation has been cured or vacate the property.

No Option to Cure – If the tenant causes uncurable property damage or repeats the violation within a 12 month period the landlord has the option to terminate the lease. Under such notice, the tenant would have 7 days to vacate the property with no option to stay. Upon receipt of such notice, the rental agreement is terminated immediately.

In other words, how did the Tenant violate the Lease Agreement? (Explain)

Notice Date

Enter the Date this Notice shall appear to the Tenant(s).

Signature Page

The sender may choose to electronically sign below or sign after printing the form.
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