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Tennessee Living Will Declaration Form

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The Tennessee living will declaration is a form that allows a person to choose their last wishes if they should desire food or water (through a feeding tube) and donating their organs. This may only be accepted by medical staff upon the patient being considered in a state of permanent incapacitation or vegetative state.

Definition – § 32-11-103(4)

Laws – Title 32, Chapter 11 (Living Wills)

Medical Power of Attorney – Grants authorization to another person to be able to make health-related decisions on another person’s account.

How to Write

Step 1 – Write-in the fillable fields with the following information in order to complete:

  • Name of the patient;
  • Check the box whether food and/or water through a vein or feeding tube should be accepted;
  • Check the box whether to give all organs, some (describe), or to not give any;

Step 2 – The patient will have to sign the document (according to § 32-11-104) with either two (2) witnesses or a notary public present.

Step 3 – Distribute the document to all family, close friends, hospital(s), and the patient’s primary care physician.