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Connecticut Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Connecticut Notary Acknowledgment Form

Updated August 31, 2023

A Connecticut notary acknowledgment form acts as an affidavit to authenticate a notarized document and the signatures included therein. Once the document (most commonly a legal document) has been presented to a notary public, it is their duty to confirm the identities of the signer(s) and certify that they signed the document under their own free will. Alternatively, the signer(s) may wait until they are in the notary public’s presence to sign the document (this is often recommended as it could avoid legal complications in the future).

The acknowledgment form must be attached to the document requiring notarization (or an acknowledgment section may be included within the document) and completed by the notary once they are satisfied with the legitimacy of the signatures and identifications.

Laws§ 6-1-34

Notary Handbook – Connecticut manual for all notaries, or public officials, prepared by the Office of the Secretary of State as a tool to assist officials in the performance of their duties.

How to Notarize in Connecticut (5 steps)

  1. Locate Notary
  2. Present Document
  3. Verify ID
  4. Sign
  5. Complete Certificate

1. Locate Notary

First, locate a notary public. This can be accomplished by visiting one of the following public places:

2. Present Document

Present the document, completed except for the signature fields, to the notary public. Signatures can only be included on a document if the signers simply wish to have the document acknowledged.

3. Verify ID

The notary will verify the identities of all signing parties through a piece of photo identification or through personal recognition.

4. Sign

Next, signers can sign the document in the presence of the notary. If the document requires an acknowledgment and signature fields have already been filled in, each signer must declare that they signed without being coerced.

5. Complete Certificate

Once the notary has verified the identities and witnessed the signatures, they can complete the notarial certificate. In Connecticut, an official seal needn’t be used for a document to be considered notarized.

Verify a Notary in Connecticut (4 steps)

Step 1

Visit the ct.gov webpage to begin a notary public search.

Step 2

In the “License Type” field, scroll down and select Notary Public.

Step 3

Using the search fields, fill in the name of the notary and click Submit. A list of matching results will be displayed.

Step 4

To view more details about a particular notary, click the detail button next to their name.

How to Write (For Notary)

Step 1 – Download the form in PDF, Microsoft Word, or ODT.

Step 2 – At the top of the form, enter the county and town/city in which the document is being acknowledged.

Step 3 – Provide the current date, notary’s name, and name of the signing individual(s) in the appropriate fields. There are two (2) empty fields for the notary to select the appropriate verb and proper noun, respectively.

Step 4 – The notary must sign the form, enter the date of their commission expiration, print their name, and include their official seal or stamp.

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