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South Carolina Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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South Carolina Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Updated August 08, 2023

A South Carolina month-to-month rental agreement is a lease with no end date that continues until either the landlord or tenant terminates or amends the lease. A month-to-month lease continues and renews automatically each month with the payment of rent by the tenant. If the landlord would like to amend the agreement, such as increasing the rent, they would need to send a similar notice with the same notice period.

It is recommended that the landlord verify the tenant’s employment by requiring a rental application to be completed and signed prior to executing a lease.

Minimum Termination Period – 30 days

Laws – § 27-40-770


Lease Termination Letter – Allows a landlord or tenant to cancel a month-to-month lease.

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