Wisconsin Voter Registration Form – Register to Vote in WI

Updated August 04, 2022

A Wisconsin voter registration form, officially referred to as “Form EL-131,” can be completed for the purposes of voter registration or to change any outdated personal information. Applicants will be required to show proof of residency in order to properly register. This type of documentation can be presented in the form of a Wisconsin driver’s license or State ID card, though other forms are accepted (review the Proof of Residence pamphlet for more information). Once proper identification has been obtained, the form may be completed and delivered to a local municipal clerk or at a polling location on the day of the election.

Check Your Voting Status – https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/MyVoterInfo

Deadline – Applications sent by mail must be postmarked no less than twenty (20) days before an election. In-person submissions must be delivered to the municipal clerk before closing hours (typically 5 p.m.) on the Friday preceding the election. Alternatively, applicants may register at the polls on election day.

Find a Polling Place – https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/FindMyPollingPlace

Register Online – https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/RegisterToVote

Where to Send Voter Registration Form – Municipal Clerk or at the polls on election day.

Voter ID (§ 5.02(6m) and § 6.79(2)(a)) – A valid Wisconsin driver’s license or Wisconsin state ID card are required to vote at the polls. If neither forms of ID are available, bring one (1) of the Approved Forms of Identification.

How to Write

Step 1 – Acquire The Wisconsin Registration Application

This page provides the Adobe PDF file version Wisconsin Voter Registration Application for your use. The button near the preview (“PDF”) will enable a quick and easy download to your machine. If you do not have a PDF editor the option to open this form with an up-to-date browser for printing can be utilized so this form may be filled out manually.


Step 2 – Indicate Wisconsin Residential Status

Open this form with the compatible software on your machine. This document presents a few different topics down several sections. Each of these contains a request for input that must be addressed by the hopeful Registrant. The first section names itself in the left margin “Qualifications.” This box contains four checkboxes requiring a mark in each one. By marking each checkbox, you will attest to that statement’s ability to define your status or standing as a Wisconsin Resident eligible to vote. Thus, mark the top two checkboxes to confirm that you “Are A Citizen Of The United States” and that you “Will Be At Least 18 Years Old On Or Before Election Day.”  The second set of statements also require checkmark verification as to their applicability to the status of your Wisconsin residency. Mark the first checkbox, attached to the phrase “…Have Resided At The Address…,” as confirmation that the address you will report later is your current address, in Wisconsin, and will be your address for the foreseeable future. Once done, mark the checkbox attached to the statement in the lower right of this section if you are “…Not Currently Serving A Sentence Including Incarceration.” This includes being on parole, in the probation system, or subject to any other supervision because of a felony conviction.  


Step 3 – Identify Yourself To The State Of Wisconsin

Section 2 of this paperwork, labeled “Your Name,” requests that you self-report your identity. Begin by producing your “Last” name on the first line of this section then continuing to the right and furnishing any applicable “Suffix” that is used (i.e. Jr or II).  Note, if you do not have a suffix in your name, then leave this second item blank. Next, report your “First” name on the appropriately labeled line in the lower left of this section then your “Middle” name on the next available blank line. Keep in mind, this must be your legal name as it appears on your Driver’s License, State I.D., etc. Do not enter an undocumented or unofficial nickname in this section, report your full “First” and “Middle” names. If you were not given or legally possess a middle name, you may leave the “Middle” line blank and fill in only the line labeled “First.”


Step 4 – Deliver Some Additional Details Regarding Your Identity

Your name will need some supporting information, especially since there may be other people with the same or a similar name. Thus, continue to the third section (titled “About You”) and locate the label title “Date Of Birth (“MM/DD/YYYY”).” Report your birthday on the line below this title by recording its two-digit month, two-digit calendar day, and the four-digit year. The second box in this section is optional however, it is recommended that you allow the State of Wisconsin this information as a further means of identification. If desired, record your telephone number on the “Phone Number” line. This will enable your Municipal Clerk to contact you directly should any additional information be needed or regarding any absentee ballot requests you may submit in the future. If you have an “Email Address” that you wish dispensed to the Municipal Clerk or other Governing Entities reviewing this document, then record it on the line below your “Phone Number.” It should be mentioned that if you wish to report only your Phone Number or only Your “Email Address,” then you may do so. This contact information area is optional however your birthday is a mandatory report for this section.


Step 5 – Dispense Your Official Residential Street Address

This form’s fourth section will seek the physical location of your residence. Thus, find the blank line labeled “Street Address” in the section labeled “The Address where You Live” then enter the building number and street or road name where your residence if found as its contents. If you live in an apartment, unit, or room then record its designation on the “Apt/Room” number line.  The next available space, “City, Town, Village Of,” requires the name of your local municipality. Enter this information then locate the “Zip” line on the right to enter your postal code. 


Step 6 – Further Define Your Address And Standing

If your mailing address is in a different Municipality then the one you listed above on the “City/Town/Village Of” line, then produce your “Mailing Municipality (If Different)” on the next line down.  Finally, since certain considerations must be made, you will need to answer the question at the end of this section (4. “The Address Where You Live”) if these checkbox statements apply to you. If you are in the military, mark the first checkbox in this section to inform the State of Wisconsin of this standing since this may effect where you physically live.  If you are a “Permanent Overseas” voter then mark the second checkbox of this section. It should be mentioned that you may mark one or both of these checkboxes so long as the selected statement applies to your situation.


Step 7 – Include Your Alternate Mailing Address If Applicable

Some Voters have a separate address that should be used if they are to receive their mail, written notices, and other correspondences reliably. This document will seek such an address in use by the Registrant. Part Five, “Your Mailing Address,” gives the opportunity to deliver this information presented with two lines. The first will require your “Street Address (Or P.O. Box)” and bears this label. Satisfy this line with the first line in your mailing address.  If you have listed a separate mailing address above then you must conclude it with the appropriate city, state, country, and zip code on the next line in the “Your Mailing Address” section (labeled “City/State/Country/Zip”).  If, as the Registrant, you do not have a home address but reside in the State of Wisconsin, you may still complete this required portion of the form by drawing a map of where you currently stay then attaching it. You will also have to provide some additional proofs (such as a letter from an Organization established with aiding the homeless). Thus, draw a map containing the street names and preferably a landmark (i.e. a library) to show you live in the State of Wisconsin then attach it. It should be mentioned that supplying this image is only required if you do not have a residential street address.


Step 8 – Deliver Prior Registration Information To The State Of Wisconsin

The next section, “Prior Registration Information,” is also conditional upon your situation. If this form is being completed with the intention of updating your  registration information from a previous name (i.e. marriage or other name change) then, present the “Full Name” that you previously registered under on the blank line labeled “Full Name On Previous Registration.”  Next, record the residential address listed on your previous registration on the blank line attached to the words “Full Address On Previous Registration (If Known).” You may leave this line unattended if this information is not available. 


Step 9 – Prove Your Identity

Naturally, some validation as to your identity must accompany this submission. Three options displayed in the seventh section of this document (“Identification”) will enable this task to be completed. If you can provide a Wisconsin State Driver License or Wisconsin Department of Transportation State ID, then mark the checkbox corresponding to the phrase “I Have An Unexpired And Valid…”  If you have marked the first checkbox as an indication that you possess a Wisconsin State ID or Drivers License then you must enter the ID number of your License Or Non-Driver’s State ID on the blank line preceding the label “Expiration Date” then transcribe the calendar date when it first becomes invalid on the blank line after this label.

If you do not have a Wisconsin State Drivers License or Wisconsin Department of Transportation Nondrivers ID then mark the second box in this section to indicate you can verify your identity using your social security number.  Produce the final four digits in your social security number in the space following the label “XXX-XX-” if you have elected to identify yourself to the State of Wisconsin using your social security number.  If you do not have a Wisconsin State ID (Drivers License or NonDrivers License) and do not have a social security number then you must mark the third checkbox and attach one of the following: identification provided by a Wisconsin Governmental Body Or Unit, an Employee ID Card containing a Photograph of you, a real property tax bill/receipt for the current or previous year, a picture ID from a college paired with a receipt for on-campus housing, a utility bill in your name less than 90 days old, or a contract prepared by a residential care facility. If you are homeless then a letter from an organization providing homeless services can be written and issued on that organization’s letterhead with this document. 


Step 10 – Indicate If You Are Including Proof Of Residence

If you must prove your residence using additional documents, then mark the checkbox in section 8 (“Proof Of Residence”). Otherwise, you may leave this blank. Do not check this box if you are not required to include additional paperwork to prove that you live in the State of Wisconsin and are eligible to vote.


Step 11 – Execute This Paperwork As The Registrant

The final part of this document, “Signature And Certification,” requires your signature on the “Voter Signature” line and the current calendar date reported on the line labeled “Today’s Date.” 


Step 12 – Any Agent Participating Or Completing This Form Must Self-Identify

If the Registrant is not the only individual filling out or completing this form then his or her Assistant or Agent must also provide his or her name by signature as well as the date of signing. Part “10. Assistant” supplies the area for the Assistant or Agent can complete this requirement.