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Certificate of Trust Form

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Certificate of Trust Form

Updated June 10, 2024

A certificate of trust legally proves that a trust exists and includes general information to verify its existence. It also grants power to a trustee to act on behalf of the trust. It’s common for financial institutions to request a certificate of trust before disbursing funds to a trustee or successor trustee.

What to Include in a Certificate of Trust

  1. Name of trust
  2. Type (revocable or irrevocable)
  3. Tax ID #
  4. Date of trust creation
  5. Settlor or grantor’s name
  6. Trustee’s name
  7. Trustee’s powers
  8. Successor’s trustee’s name
  9. Description of property (if real estate is included)

Table of Contents

How to Get a Certificate of Trust (4 steps)

Step 1 – Obtain the Trust Document

Manila folder partially showing "Revocable Living Trust" document

It’s best to obtain the document, either by finding it through personal files or contacting the attorney who drafted the trust.

Step 2 – Contact the Creator

Person calling the owner of trust

When contacting the creator of the trust, make sure that there are no updates or amendments since the original version. This will help the accuracy of the certificate of trust.

Step 3 – Copy the Details

laptop screen showing completed certificate of trust document

After confirmation of having the latest trust version, it’s time to copy the details onto the certificate of trust.

Step 4 – Get Notarized

a hand stamping notary acknowledgement on certificate

It’s commonly required to get the certificate of trust notarized. A notary public will verify the affiant’s identification and acknowledge their statements as true and accurate.

State Laws

State Laws
 Alabama § 19-3B-1013
 Alaska AS 13.36.079
 Arizona ARS 14-11013
 Arkansas § 28-73-1013
 California PROB 18100.5
 Colorado § 15-5-1013
 Connecticut § 45a-499zzz
 Delaware § 3591
 Florida 736.1017
 Georgia § 53-12-280
 Hawaii § NEW-1013
 Idaho 68-115
 Illinois 760 ILCS 3/1013
 Indiana § 30-4-4-5
 Iowa §633A.4604
 Kansas 58a-1013
 Kentucky 386B.10-120
 Louisiana § 8:452
 Maine §1013
 Maryland § 14.5-910
 Massachusetts Section 1013
 Michigan 700.7913
 Minnesota 501C.1013
 Mississippi § 91-8-1013
 Missouri  456.10-1013
 Montana 72-38-1013
 Nebraska 30-38,103
 Nevada NRS 164
 New Hampshire 564-B:10-1013
 New Jersey 3B:31-81
 New Mexico 46A-10-1012
 New York No statute
 North Carolina § 36C-10-1013
 North Dakota 59-18-13
 Ohio 5810.13
 Oklahoma §6-902
 Oregon UTC 1013
 Pennsylvania § 7790.3
 Rhode Island § 34-4-27
 South Carolina § 62-7-1013
 South Dakota § 55-4-51
 Tennessee § 35-15-1013
 Texas § 114.086
 Utah 75-7-1013
 Vermont § 1013
 Virginia § 64.2-804
 Washington 11.98.075
Washington D.C.  § 19–1310.13
West Virginia §44D-10-1013
 Wisconsin § 701.1013
 Wyoming § 4-10-1014

Sample Certificate of Trust



I. AFFIANT. I, [AFFIANT’S NAME] (“Affiant”), being duly sworn, deposes and states under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

II. TRUST. The Trust is known as [NAME OF TRUST] (“Trust”).

The Trust has not been terminated, revoked, modified, or amended in any manner that would cause the representations contained in this Certification of Trust to be incorrect.

a.) Type. The Trust is considered: (check one)

– Revocable

– Irrevocable

b.) Date. The Trust was signed on [DATE]

c.) Tax ID Number. [#]

III. SETTLOR(S). [NAME OF SETTLOR] (“Settlor(s)”) with a mailing address of [ADDRESS].

IV. TRUSTEE(S). [NAME OF TRUSTEE] (“Trustee(s)”) with a mailing address of [ADDRESS].

V. SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE(S). [NAME OF SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE] (“Successor Trustee(s)”) with a mailing address of [ADDRESS].

VI. AUTHORITY. The authority to act on behalf of the Trust requires: (check one)

– One Trustee to sign.

– [#] Trustee(s) to sign.

VII. POWERS. The Trustee(s) have: (check one)

– Full powers to sell, convey and to mortgage or encumber real and personal property under this Trust.

– Limited powers to: [DESCRIPTION].

VIII. REAL ESTATE. The Trust includes: (check one)

– No real estate.

– Real estate with a legal description of: [DESCRIPTION].

IX. EXECUTION. I, the Affiant, declare that this certificate has been examined by me and its contents are true and correct.

Affiant’s Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________

Print Name: _____________________________