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Affidavit of Character

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Affidavit of Character

Updated May 18, 2024

An affidavit of character is a sworn statement used to attest to the moral character of an individual. It is commonly used to vouch for someone going through an immigration proceeding, custody case, or hiring process. The person signing the affidavit declares under penalty of perjury that their statements are true.

Who Can Submit?

Any credible person with relevant personal experience can submit an affidavit on someone’s behalf, as long as they do not have a direct interest in the case. Examples may include:

  • Friends or family
  • Employers or colleagues
  • Community leaders
  • Neighbors



I, [AFFIANT NAME] (“Affiant”), with a mailing address of [ADDRESS], employed as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY], being duly sworn, hereby swear under oath that:

I have been acquainted with [INDIVIDUAL’S NAME] for [LENGTH OF TIME]; as their [RELATIONSHIP TO INDIVIDUAL]; and

I have personally observed [INDIVIDUAL’S NAME] to be a person of good moral character who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to high ethical standards. It is with full confidence that I attest to their qualities of trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility.


Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare and affirm that the above-mentioned statement is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.

Affiant’s Signature: ____________________ Date: ______________

Print Name: _________________________ Date: ______________

[Notary Acknowledgment]