Affidavit of Correction Form

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Updated March 09, 2022

An affidavit of correction (or statement of fact) is submitted to fix incorrect records with the government or organization. This is common when a record has the wrong name or for spelling mistakes. The affidavit is recommended to be notarized and sent by express mail (unless electronic communication is available).

It is recommended that the affiant has their signature notarized on the affidavit.

Common Uses

  • Motor Vehicle (to fix a certificate of title)
  • Deed (real estate)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Insurance Card

For Vehicles (By State)

Some States require the owner to submit a new Application for Title.

How to Write

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I. Date Of Statement Correction

(1) Date. A crucial part of this document will be the date when the Affiant has issued his or her correction to a previous statement. Establish the date of this statement’s effect by recording it in the first section.

II. Affiant Introduction

(2) Affiant Name. Identify the Affiant behind the correction this document makes. This must be the same Party who has made the statement being amended or corrected. The first space presented in the introduction seeks the Affiant’s full name as its entry.

III. Statement To Correct

(3) Title Of Original. The correction being instituted must be applied to a specific document previously issued by or involving the Affiant. Target this document by recording its official title to the space provided.

(4) Effective Date Of Original. Now that the target document has been identified, dispense the date when it first became active or effective. In many cases, this will be the same date it was signed unless its content indicate otherwise by naming a specific date of effect.

IV. Implementing Correction

(5) Statement To Amend. Review the contents of the document that must be amended or corrected. Once the statement that must be removed, corrected, or otherwise changed has been identified, transcribe it to the space provided. This report must be presented precisely as it appears in the original document.

(6) Correction Of Statement. The official replacement or amended statement the Affiant wishes to apply requires documentation. Bear in mind, that many would consider it unwise to issue too many corrections on a previous testimony or statement, thus, the Affiant should make sure he or she is certain that the correction is accurate and applicable

V. Proof Of Affiant Intent

(7) Notarized Affiant Execution. The Affiant implementing the correction above must sign his or her name under a licensed Notary Public’s direction.

(8) Date Of Amended Statement. The current date must be noted by the Affiant when he or she signs this document.

VI. Notary Acknowledgement

(9) Notarization. The notarization process will be conducted by the Notary Public who has watched the signing of the correction above. This process will be shown as complete once the Notary Public supplies the final section with the necessary information.