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Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Form

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Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Form

Updated August 16, 2023

A dog or puppy bill of sale is for the legal transfer of the animal from an individual or breeder (the “Seller”) and an individual or entity seeking to pay the purchase price (the “Buyer”). The document can be signed with a deposit being made for a sale at a later date (common when purchasing a puppy not ready to leave their mother) or as a sale for the day of transfer of possession. This document will require notarization

Most states require that the puppy be at least eight weeks old to be sold.

When Do I Need a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale?

If you are a dog owner, breeder, or seller, then it is important that you have a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale form. It is required whenever a dog is being sold by a seller to a new owner (or buyer). This includes when you are:

  • Selling a dog you can no longer take care of
  • Selling puppies (or expecting puppies) as a dog breeder
  • Selling or transferring ownership of a dog(s) for any other reason

Why Is a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Necessary?

The Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale is a legal document that states the terms and conditions for the sale or transfer of ownership of a dog. Essentially, this document is crucial in proving that a sale was made and that there is a new dog owner.

This means this document is important for:

  • Protecting the buyer or seller from any misunderstandings or disagreements after the transaction
  • Putting down a payment for a puppy not yet born and ready to go to their new owner yet
  • Proving the seller has the right to sell this dog
  • That all information about the dog’s breed, health and condition is accurate at time of purchase
  • Stipulating warranties in case of fraud, misinformation or unforeseeable incident

How to Sell a Dog

So now that you know why you need a Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale, how do you go about selling your dog? Below is a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow to ensure your four-legged friend finds a great home.

1.  Advertise Early

To have the best chance of finding homes for your pet(s) quickly, start advertising as early as possible, especially if you know you’re going to have puppies on the way. Gather all the important information about your dog or puppy’s breed, vaccinations, and other important information required on our form.

Then hang up flyers in busy public places, put an ad in the paper, and/or put posts online for everyone to see. Make sure to research your dog’s breed so you can make a good price to sell for.

2. Meet the Buyer and Ask Questions

More than anything, you want to make sure your dog is finding a caring and loving home. Ask the buyer about past ownership, why they want to buy your dog, a bit about their neighborhood, and how they plan to take care of the dog.

3. Fill Out the Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale Form

Start by downloading our standard Dog/Puppy Bill of Sale form here (link).Then fill out the following information:

  • Date of Purchase
  • Seller’s Name & Address
  • Buyer’s Name & Address
  • Purchase Price
  • Dog’s Information
    • Name
    • Breed
    • DOB
    • Sex
    • Color
    • Registration Number
    • Color
    • State of Health
  • Deposits (if the puppy is less than 8 weeks old and can’t leave its mother yet)
  • Warranties (if any)
  • Signatures & dates from buyer, seller and witnesses

4. Get the Form Notarized by a Public Notary

Once signatures are made, go to your public notary to receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement. This will complete the form and finalize the sale.