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Furniture Bill of Sale Form

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Furniture Bill of Sale Form

Updated May 30, 2023

A furniture bill of sale is a document that records the legal sale and purchase of any type of furniture, indoor or outdoor. The document will be completed and provided at the point of purchase to be retained as a receipt to the buyer. A copy of the document should be provided to all signatories for their records.

Why Is It Important to Use a Furniture Bill of Sale?

The Furniture Bill of Sale is a form used in the legal transaction of furniture between the current owner (seller) and the new one (buyer). This document is important as:

  • A record of proof of purchase
  • It sets the terms of the purchase that the buyer and seller both agree to
  • It protects either party from claims of fraud, mishandling, or disagreements after purchase
  • A receipt showing proof of ownership

How to Sell Your Used Furniture

Furniture can be a hard thing to sale, especially if you don’t know the best ways to sell it. That’s why we offer a helpful guide below:

1. Take Quality Photos for Ads

Once you give the old furniture a new shine with a bit of cleaning and refurbishing (if necessary), take some quality photos of the furniture. Take shots from different angles to give potential buyers a good idea of the size, color, and details of the furniture that’s up for sale.

2. Post Ads in Local Listings and Websites

You may want to let friends and family know you’re selling so they can help spread the word. Then, post some flyers, use social media to your advantage, and/or use newspaper or online classifieds to attract buyers.

3. Meet With Interested Buyers to Negotiate Price

Allow buyers to see the furniture in person before they decide. Then, they’ll likely try to negotiate the price. Work with them to find an agreed sales price. Then move forward with the bill of sale form.

4. Fill Out the Furniture Bill of Sale Form

To finalize the sale, you’ll need to fill out the Furniture Bill of Sale form. Download and then fill out the following areas:

  • Date of Purchase
  • Buyer’s Name & Address
  • Seller’s Name & Address
  • Description of Furniture
    • Type
    • Brand
    • Dealer (if any)
    • Serial Number (if any)
    • Color
    • Condition
    • Any other relevant information
  • Purchase Price
  • Signatures & Dates from the Buyer, Seller and any Witnesses

Once the form is completed and the purchase price paid, then the sale is final. Make sure that both parties have copies of the Furniture Bill of Sale for their records. Sales are final and “as is.”