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Horse Bill of Sale Form

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The horse bill of sale, or ‘equine’ is a legal document that details a transaction between two (2) parties with regard to the purchase/sale and therefore, change of ownership of a horse. Should the animal require a health examination, prior to a complete purchase, it’s likely that a deposit will be required. Should the parties move forward with the sale of the animal, the deposit amount will be deducted from the balance due.

This document will require signatures of two (2) witnesses and must be notarized.

How to Write

Step 1 – Date and Parties –

  • Enter the date in which the document is being created
  • Seller’s Name
  • Seller’s Mailing Address

Step 2 – Horse Description –

  • Horse’s Name (if named)
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Registration Number
  • Enter a proper description of the horse

Step 3 – Purchase Price Information –

  • Enter the amount of the agreed purchase price
  • Check the box that best indicates the intention of the new owner with regard to a health check
  • If a health examination has been requested, enter the final date that the check up must be completed

Step 4 – Security Deposit –

  • Enter the agreed amount of the Security Deposit
  • OR
  • Check the box refusing deposit, but full payment when the buyer is prepared to purchase
  • The seller must read the “Other Claims” section of the document and must read and agree. prior to application of signature
  • Governing law – Enter the state in which the horse is being purchased

Step 5 – Signatures –

  • Date the signatures in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Provide the Seller’s Signature
  • Seller’s Printed Name
  • AND
  • Buyer’s Signature
  • Buyer’s Printed Name
  • AND
  • Witness’ Signatures
  • Witness’ Printed Names

Step 6 – Acknowledgement of Notary Public –

As the document is completed and the signing parties have provided identification, the notary will provide their required information and acknowledgment.