New Mexico Bill of Sale Forms (3)

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Updated May 31, 2022

New Mexico bill of sale forms are legal forms that detail the specifics of the sale and transfer of personal property between two people. They include essential information about the buyer, seller, and property, and both parties must sign them. They can be used in the sale of any privately owned property.

Table of Contents

Forms (3)

Firearm Bill of Sale – To be used to prove the legal sale and purchase of any type of firearm between dealer and individual or two private parties.

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General Bill of Sale – This document is most generally utilized between two private parties to prove the legal sale and purchase of personal items.

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Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale – This form will prove the legal sale and purchase of either a motor vehicle or vessel/boat. The form is the same for both types of sale and purchase. This will prove a change of ownership and will only require notarization if both parties wish it to be so. This document is likely to be needed for the registration of a boat or motor vehicle.

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