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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Bill of Sale Form

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The recreational vehicle (RV) bill of sale allows the owner to make an exchange for trade and/or provide monetary funds. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be entered on the title of the vehicle as a requirement. The buyer and seller should complete the financial agreement in the bill of sale which will state:

  • The agree price to be paid for the RV?
  • Will there be any inspections required?
  • If there is an inspection required by the buyer, will there be a down payment/security deposit made?

Once the document has been completed it must be signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses and a notary public.

When Do I Need an RV Bill of Sale?

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) Bill of Sale is required anytime an RV is sold or transferred between a seller and a buyer. It’s an essential legal sales document that records the sale and is required in most states in order to transfer the title of the vehicle and show proof of ownership.

What’s the Process of Selling an RV?

Now that you know what an RV Bill of Sale is, you probably want to know how to go about selling your RV. Follow our guidelines below to get started.

1.  Have Your RV Sale Ready

Have your RV cleaned, repaired and looking amazing before you advertise. RV’s are a luxury to have and you want to make yours look the best it can for potential buyers.

2. Get an Fair Appraisal

If you’re not sure how much your RV is worth, get it appraised by local dealers and compare it online with others like it. This will help give you a healthy range to work with when negotiating the final sale.

3. Determine How You Want to Sell

Do you want to sell to a dealer, advertise it online, use a window sign in a high-traffic street, or a combination of some or all of these? Advertising can be expensive, but reaching the right sellers doesn’t have to be when you advertise online or via other cheap methods.

4. Get Paperwork in Order

Make sure to clear the title and have registration information ready. Any payments you owe should be handled as soon as possible. If that’s not possible, then have an escrow company help you prepare title transfer.

5. Fill Out RV Bill of Sale

And to finalize the sale, you will need to fill out the RV Bill of Sale. Download the standard form and then fill out the following required information:

  • Date of Sale
  • Buyer’s Name & Address
  • Seller’s Name & Address
  • Vehicle Description
    • Make
    • Model
    • Registration Number (if applicable)
    • License Plate Number
    • VIN
    • Condition
    • Other relevant information
  • Purchase Price
  • Signatures & Dates of the Buyer, Seller and any Witnesses

Once the payment is secured, the bill of sale completed and the required paperwork transferred to the buyer, the sale will be final and complete.