Wyoming Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Updated May 31, 2022

A Wyoming motor vehicle bill of sale is a document demonstrating that a motor vehicle has been legally sold in the State of Wyoming. The bill of sale will record identifying information about the seller and the buyer, a description of the vehicle, and the terms of the transfer of ownership. This document may be used as part of the process of registering a vehicle or in filing other types of applications. The uses for bills of sale will vary depending on the county in which the vehicle buyer resides.

Odometer Disclosure Statement – State and federal law require disclosing the mileage of a vehicle before a sale. Some counties may have their own version of an odometer disclosure statement, while others may suggest using a designated place on the vehicle’s title.

Signing Requirements – Some Wyoming counties require that a bill of sale be signed by both parties and notarized

County Versions (5)

Carbon County Version

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Fremont County Version

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Sublette County Version

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Sweetwater County Version

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Teton County Version

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Table of Contents

Registering a Vehicle

A vehicle purchased by a Wyoming resident must be registered to be used on Wyoming roads. (Temporary workers in the state for fewer than 120 consecutive days must acquire a temporary registration from the state of Wyoming.) For vehicles purchased at a dealership, the dealer will generally handle the filing of titling and registration forms, but for transfers of ownership between private parties, the buyer must act to register. Registration is a matter handled at the county level in Wyoming, so the amount of time a buyer has to register, the duration of registration, and the methods of renewal will vary. Buyers should consult the local county treasurer’s office for more information.

Where to Register

Registration for a recent vehicle buyer is generally handled at the one of the Wyoming County Clerk’s Offices in the buyer’s county of residence.

Required Documents