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Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter

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Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter

Updated June 23, 2023

A trademark cease and desist is a letter that is issued by an individual or entity to a party that is infringing upon a federally registered trademark. When writing the letter, it is best to include its registration number (Search USPTO). It is also recommended to make the letter sound as scary to the recipient as possible by acting as if a lawsuit is just around the corner. The letter can be sent by the owner of the trademark, or their legal counsel, to the infringing party.

Copyright Cease and Desist – Commonly designated more for works of art and books.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

Step 2 – The form must be furnished with a header complete with name, address, and date.

Step 3 – The first fillable field will include the name of the addressee. The following paragraph must be completed with the name of the trademark and a description of the infringement.

Step 4 – The name of the trademark and the registration number can be used to complete the next paragraph.

Step 5 – The addressee has a pre-determined period of time to comply with the demands. The number of days can be entered in the available field. The sender can sign the form before delivering it to the individual/entity guilty of trademark infringement.