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Florida Special Warranty Deed Form

Florida Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 09, 2024

A Florida special warranty deed is a document that can be used to convey real estate in Florida. This type of deed provides a limited guarantee. The grantor, or seller, is guaranteeing that he or she has not made any encumbrances or claims and that will defend, on behalf of the buyer, any claims made through the grantor’s interest. As in all cases, it is prudent to complete a title search to determine exactly what interests in the property are actually being conveyed.

Laws – Chapter 689 – Conveyances of Land and Declarations of Trust (§§ 689.01 — 689.301)

Signing (F.S.A. § 695.26)  – Must be signed with a notary public and two (2) witnesses. The notary public may be able to be one (1) of the witnesses.

Recording – Must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. You can find out the document recording fee prior to submission (See Documentary Stamp Tax).

How to Write

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I. Preparer Of Florida Document

(1) Reporter Of Information. The Person inputting information to this form must document his or her involvement as the Preparer. This identification should take place at the beginning of this document with the complete name and the full mailing address of the Preparer.

II. Recipient Of Florida Document

(2) Clerk Of Florida Circuit Court Action. Documentation of the ultimate Recipient of this paperwork is required. The Clerk of the Florida Circuit Court where this paperwork is filed will seek to return it to the Party named in the “Return” area of the header. The Recipient of the filed Florida statement must be identified with his or her complete name and the exact mailing address required to send this paperwork to the named Recipient produced.

III. Property Appraiser’s Parcel I.D. Number

(3) Parcel I.D. Number. The Parcel I.D. Number provided by the Florida Appraiser to identify the concerned Florida property at the beginning of the year is needed before continuing. Supply the Florida property’s Parcel I.D. Number exactly as it appears on the records.IV. Date Of Deed.

(4) Effective Date. The calendar date when this deed becomes active will be established in its content. Report the first date when the property is officially conveyed to the Florida Grantee in the statement provided.

V. Florida Property Grantor

(5) Florida Grantor Name. The name of the Florida Grantor that shall convey the real estate identified above must be documented. In some cases, more than one Florida Grantor will be required to release this property (for instance, a married couple that shares property ownership). In such cases, every such Grantor of Florida property must be identified in this statement by name.

(6) Florida Grantor Address. The Florida Grantor is referred to as such because the land being discussed will be located in a Florida County. He or she may reside out of state or in-state. Regardless of where the Florida Grantor’s residence is found, his or her complete street address will be required. This production must include the building number and street where this residence is physically located (and, if needed, apartment number).

VI. Florida Property Grantee

(7) Grantee Of Florida Property. It is imperative for our purpose that the name of every Grantee set to receive Florida real property through this statement is clearly identified. The full name of each Florida Grantee should be dispensed to this statement so that each defined Grantee can receive ownership (as through this deed) over the concerned property properly.

(8) Florida Grantee Address.

VII. Payment For Florida Property

(9) Property Payment. The amount of money the Florida Grantor or Florida Grantors was paid in exchange for the property must be produced where requested.

VIII. Florida Property

(10) Florida County. Supply the Florida County name where the granted property is found.

(11) Florida Property Description. Dispense the Florida property’s complete geographical address and legal description (as it appears on the current deed and Florida land records).

IX. Witnessed Grantor Signature

(12) Florida Grantor Signature And Name. The Grantor of Florida property is required to provide a witnessed signature that is also notarized for this transference of ownership to function. Each Florida Grantor should sign a unique signature line and print his or her name below it then relinquish this document to the attending Witnesses.

(13) Witness Signature To Florida Grantor Action. Each Witness to the Florida Grantor’s signature must sign his or her full name then print it in a unique signature area. There may be as many Grantors as needed however, at least two Witnesses must watch each Florida Grantor sign his or her name then provide a signature testimony.

X. Notarization Of Florida Grantor Signing

(14) Verification Through Notarization. The State of Florida requires the Grantor of property in this state sign in the presence of a Notary Public who shall work to subject the signing process to notarization. He or she will verify the Florida Grantor’s presence, act, and provide the necessary credentials to prove the notarization process is complete using the final section of this form.