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Iowa General Warranty Deed Form

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Iowa General Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 10, 2024

An Iowa general warranty deed is a legal document that is used to properly convey real estate in Iowa from a seller to a buyer. This type of deed includes a guarantee from the seller that he or she owns the property, that there are no other claims against the property, and that he or she has the legal authority to sell the property. Although the deed provides a guarantee that the seller will defend against any claims, it is always recommended that a complete title or property search be completed so that the buyer knows exactly what they are buying.

LawsTitle XIV (Property) – Chapter 558, Conveyances

Signing Requirements – Must be authorized in the presence of a Notary Public.[1]

Notices and Disclosures

Recording the Deed

All filings must be done at the County Recorder’s Office.[4]


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