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Mississippi Quit Claim Deed Form

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Mississippi Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated September 07, 2023

A Mississippi quitclaim deed is a form used to transfer real estate in Mississippi. Unlike the warranty deed, it does not have a guarantee as to the title. It would be prudent to have a thorough title search completed before proceeding with the sale if you are concerned about what it is you are purchasing. Once you have completed the deed and have had it signed and acknowledged by a notary public, you will need to file the deed with the chancery court land records department.

Different from other quit claim deeds around the USA, the State of Mississippi requires that the preparer, grantor, and grantee all place their phone numbers in the deed. The telephone must be their contact during typical business hours (per § 89-5-24).


  • Recording – The quit claim deed will need to be brought to the Clerk of the Chancery Clerk’s Office along with the required filing fee.
  • Signing (§ 89-3-7) – An official seal from a notary public is required to be shown under the Grantor(s) signature(s).
  • Statute§ 89-5-1
  • Telephone Number (§ 27-3-51(2)) – Mississippi’s quitclaim deed is unique in the fact that it requires the telephone number of the Grantee and Grantor on the form.