Utah General Warranty Deed Form

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The Utah general warranty deed is a document that allows a Seller to convey real property a Buyer with the covenant that the title will be transferred without any defect, liens, or encumbrances (otherwise known as “fee simple). The form must contain the words “conveys and warrants” and once the form has been completed by the Grantor and Grantee is must be signed with the Seller(s) and a Notary Public acting as witness. The form should only be signed by the Grantor after the funds have exchanged hands and been verified (usually at the real estate closing via bank wire). After the closing this form is submitted to the Recorder’s Office where the property is located.

Laws – § 57-1-12

Recording – Must be submitted and filed with the County Recorder’s Office (See County List).

Signing (§ 57-3-101) – Must be signed with the Grantor(s) in the presence of a Notary Public.

Water Rights Addenda (§ 57-3-109) – Required to be filed alongside the warranty deed when recording.

How to Write

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