Virginia Deed Forms

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The Virginia deed forms are for the conveyance of property after a agreement has usually been established for payment. The Grantor(s) and Grantee(s) will usually exchange the funds at a meeting known as a ‘closing’ and afterwards the deed is filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. There is a filing fee administered by Clerk (differs by location). After it has been processed the land becomes under the ownership of the new owner.

Laws – Title 55. Property and Conveyances

Recording – All deeds must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Signing (§ 55-106) – Deeds must either be signed in the presence of a notary public or with two (2) witnesses present at the time the Grantor(s) execute the document.

Deed Types

General Warranty – When a property is being transferred and the owner owns the land in fee simple absolute with no title defects.

Quit Claim – Owner of the property is simply selling their interest in the property. Does not guarantee that the owner is a partial or sole owner of the real estate. No title guarantees.

Special Warranty – Is a mix between the Quit Claim and General Warranty, it offers some guarantee that is defined by the parties.

Virginia Property Search

Step 1 – In order to conduct a search for a property and it’s information you will need to go to This Webpage and click on the County/City the real estate is located.


Step 2 – For this example, we will use the County of Fairfax. Although, after clicking on your selected County/City, click on the link that reads ‘Go to Online Data‘.


Step 3 – In most counties/cities, you can perform a search by the Owner’s Name, Property Address, Book/Page Numbers, or in other Advance Options. In the Fairfax County, for example, they only offer to perform a lookup via Property Address or the Tax Map Lot Reference Number.


Step 4 – After finding the selected property, you will be re-directed to a webpage that looks something like this where you can use to write the Legal Description for your deed.