Washington General Warranty Deed Form

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A Washington general warranty deed is a legal document used to transfer the interest in real estate from a grantor to a grantee. For the form to be legal it must contain the terms “in hand paid, conveys and warrants to” as it is the legal language required to transfer the title in ‘fee simple’. The form is required to have the Tax Parcel/Account Number of the property in the legal description and on the Cover Sheet. Only after the money has been exchanged from the Grantee to the Grantor should the deed be signed.

Cover Sheet – Must be made the first (1st) page in order for the deed to be accepted by the County Recorder.

LawsTitle 64, Chapter 64.04 – Conveyances

Statutory FormRCW 64.04.030

Recording (RCW 65.08.070) – Must be filed with the County Recorder of where the property is located (View All Counties).

Signing (RCW 64.04.020) – Required for the Seller(s) to sign the deed with a Notary Public acting as the witness.

How to Write

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