Alaska 7-Day Notice to Pay or Quit Form | CIV-725

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An Alaska seven (7) day notice to pay or quit is a letter used to notify a tenant with unpaid rent that they have seven (7) days to pay or vacate the property. By law, the notice must contain the verbiage that the tenant has the choice of paying or moving. If the tenant tries to pay the late rent after the seven (7) day period, the landlord has the choice to accept the money and allow the tenant to stay or continue with the eviction and cancel the rental agreement.

LawsAS § 34.03.220(b)

Delivering (AS § 09.45.100(c)) – This notice must be sent via registered or certified mail with a return receipt, hand-delivered to the tenant, or left at the premises in case the tenant is absent at that moment.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in empty fields with the following:

  • Tenant’s Name(s)
  • Address of Rental Unit
  • City/State/Zip Code
  • Amount of Rent Owed
  • Date and Time Rent Be Paid
  • Sign and Dated by the Owner/Property Manager
  • Print Name and Title of the Owner/Property Manager

Step 2 – Complete the Landlord’s Record of Service After Serving the Notice to Quit by filling in the following:

  • Date and Specific Time
  • Tenant’s Signature
  • Person Served
  • If served with tenant absent, check box.
  • If served by registered or certified mail, check box.
  • Date, Sign, and Print Name