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Maine 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | (Non-Payment)

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Maine 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | (Non-Payment)

Updated July 17, 2023

A Maine 7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) is a type of form used by landlords when a tenant fails to pay rent within 7 days after the due date. Upon 7 days after the due date, a landlord can serve a 7-day notice to quit, which gives the tenant another 7 days (14 days total) to pay rent in-full or be evicted. If the tenant pays all past due rent in full before the 7th day after being served the notice to quit, the notice will become void.

The state of Maine protects the tenant more so than other states. When serving a tenant the notice to quit, the landlord must personally deliver the notice. The landlord must try delivering it personally 3 times before trying a different option. If the personal delivery of notice fails three times, the landlord can opt to send the notice by certified mail and by attaching the notice to the door of the tenant’s rental unit. If by chance the tenant fails to pay rent and vacate after seven days, the landlord can file for an eviction lawsuit with the county district court where both the tenant and landlord will go before a judge to settle the dispute.

Late Payment (14 M.R.S.A. § 6028) – A payment of rent is late if it is not made within 15 days from the time the payment is due. In addition, a landlord may not assess a penalty for the late payment of rent which exceeds 4% of the amount due for one month.

Laws14 M.R.S.A. § 6002