Pennsylvania 15/30 Day Notice to Quit | NonCompliance

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The Pennsylvania fifteen (15)/ thirty (30) day notice to comply is for a tenant who has broken the terms of their lease agreement. The fifteen (15) days are for those who have lived on the premises for a full year or less and the thirty (30) days is applied by the landlord to those who have been on the property for over a year. The notice period begins upon the tenant’s acceptance and acknowledgment of the form.

If the tenant fails to move out within 15 days (under a full year) or 30 days (over a full year), then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant.

Laws – § 250.501(b)

How to Write

As stated in the title, this form is versatile and has the ability to be a 15 or 30 day notice to quit, depending on the length of lease between the landlord and tenant. The notice includes a Certificate of Service, which should be completed when serving the tenant. Enter the following information to complete the form.

  • Names of all tenants located on the premises.
  • Street (including street number), City, County, State, Zip Code, and Apartment # (if any)
  • Date lease agreement was originally signed
  • Check whether this will be a 15 or 30 day notice to quit
  • Description of violation
  • Signature of landlord/agent