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Wisconsin 30-Day Notice to Quit Form | Lease 1+ Years

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Wisconsin 30-Day Notice to Quit Form | Lease 1+ Years

Updated July 18, 2023

A Wisconsin 30-day notice to quit (leases for more than a year) is a written notice given to a tenant who has violated a rental agreement. The tenant in breach must comply with the notice on or before at least 30 days after receiving the notice, and if the tenant fails to comply they will be forced to vacate from the premises. If the tenant is seen as making reasonable diligence or willing to pay the landlord all damages for the breach starting within the 30 days, the tenant should not be forced to vacate for the breach.

The only exception to the 30-day remedy period is if the landlord receives a written notice from law enforcement or the attorney general stating that a nuisance exists in the tenant’s rental unit or caused by the tenant on the owner’s property, the landlord may issue a permanent 5-day notice to vacate.

LawsW.S.A. 704.17(3)