Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

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The motor vehicle bill of sale transfers the ownership of a car or truck. The details of the transfer, such as the sales price, must be included for it to be accepted by your local DMV office.

Enter the date of this Agreement.

The closing date when the Motor Vehicle and Funds will exchange hands.

Transaction Location


Purchase Details


Buyer's Details

A Co-Buyer is someone else that will have ownership of the motor vehicle.

Buyer's Name and Address

50% Ownership
50% Ownership

Seller's Details

A Co-Seller is someone else who has ownership of the motor vehicle.

Seller's Name and Address

Motor Vehicle Details


Enter the number of miles listed on the odometer on the date of sale.


Also known as the "VIN", is a 17-character serial number that is unique to every motor vehicle.

Additional Terms & Conditions

If yes, enter any other details of the transaction that have not been mentioned.

For example, the Seller acknowledges that there is a roof rack attached to the car and includes it in the sale. 

Signature Page

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