Real Estate Agent Independent Contractor Agreement

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A real estate agent independent contractor agreement, also known as a "commission agreement", is a contract between an agent and a company over the working relationship of selling real estate.
Otherwise known as the Company Name

The Salesperson

This is the Real Estate Agent

Licensed States

Realtors Requirement

This is a designation that is common with residential real estate agents. 
Days of this Agreement


Such as Realtor dues, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) subscriptions, or related.
e.g. "realtor dues, State renewal fees, MLS subscriptions, etc."

Commission Split

When a commission is paid to the Agency, how will it be split between the Salesperson and the Agency?

The total of both should equal 100%


A "Draw" is when a real estate company pays the agent in advance of commissions to help them get started.

Salesperson's Contact

At least one (1) is required. This is required for notices.

Agency's Contact (optional)


Days' Notice

Additional Terms & Conditions

Effective Date

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