Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement

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Type of Listing Agreement

Agent Info

The term "Agent" references the individual representing the Seller in this Agreement.

The Agency

Agency Mailing Address

Recommended but not required.

The Seller

Seller (Business Entity)

Individual's Full Name

Seller (Individuals)

Seller/Property Address

Legal Description

Legal Description consists of the Tax Map/Lot and Deed Book/Page numbers.


Fixtures are defined as appliances that are fixed into the structure of the property. Examples include dishwashers, sinks, chandeliers, and anything that is fastened/screwed in place.

Not Included: Washers, dryers, couches, desks, and bedroom sets.

Personal Property

Personal Property goes with the Seller after the property is sold. If the Buyer wants any items located in the home to be part of the sale it must be mentioned.

Seller's Asking Price

The Asking Price, also known as the "sales price", is the amount ($) the Seller wishes to get in exchange for selling their property.

Enter the Sales Price ($) of the property.

Listing Period

The Listing Period is the length of time the Seller gives the Agency the right to sell their property.

Extension Period

An Extension Period protects the Agent in case a Buyer comes back and purchases the Property after the listing ends.
The most common is 180 days (6 months)


Most commonly a percentage (%) of the sales price but may also be a fixed amount ($). The Agent may know the commission percentage at the time of writing this Listing Agreement or may want to enter with the Seller after printing.


A commission amount is a percentage (%) that is negotiated between the Agent and the Seller. This is not a mandated number by the National Realtors Association, the State, or any other organization.

The Agent and Seller may be able to enter their own custom arrangement for calculating the commission amount.


For Example, the Seller of the property decides to rent to a Tenant the Agent found.

The commission for a lease is calculated as a percentage of the total lease term. For example, if the Landlord enters into a lease for 12 months at $1,000 per month and the commission is 5% the amount due to the Agent would be $600.

Dual Agency

Dual Agency is when the Buyer and Seller understand that the Agent will be representing both parties in a fair and private manner.

Commission Split

If "No", you can enter the Buyer's Agent commission share.
% of the Total Commission

Marketing the Property

Seller will be required to initial next to each statement.



Do Not write the word "Deed". Just enter the Type.

Lead-Based Paint

Under Federal law, all homes that were built prior to 1978 could have been painted with lead-based paint. Therefore, all residences must have the owners authorize the lead-based paint disclosure before an offer may be accepted.

Property Disclosure Statement

The Property Disclosure Statement gives the Buyer details about the structure of the home such as the roof, heat, water/sewer, etc.

Additional Terms or Conditions

This is the last chance to enter ANY TYPE of arrangement that has been made between the Agent and the Seller. Verbal agreements are not valid, therefore any side-arrangements should be mentioned in this agreement.


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